Custom Patterns


Patterns start at $12.00 each and are based on the detail of the design. I will tell you up front what the charge will be when the subject matter is presented. Rarely does the design go over $24.00 and for some simple patterns it may even be less then $12.00. I can work from a photo or sketch that you already have or a subject matter that you choose. I do require payment before I release your pattern to you.

Pattern Printing:

I always print 2 copies of the pattern, or more if so desired. The patterns are full size to the exact dimensions that you order. They are NOT photo copied so you get 2 prints that are exactly same. Printing costs are $1.00/square foot of the pattern + $2.00 s/h. In the long run it is cheaper then running to your local printing store, or taping together 8.5”x11” paper for the full size!.


This is an example of how a particular subject matter can go from the sketch stage to the printed pattern and finally to the finished stained glass panel

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