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Custom Stained Glass

stained glass of a crab

Commissioning a special piece of stained glass for your home, business or as a gift can be a fun and enjoyable experience! Whether you need to have your stained glass fit into a window opening or replace the plain glass that is already there we can work with you. We also can create a hanging piece for a window or wall. There is nothing like the “Wow” factor that stained glass gives to a room!


Custom stained glass is priced by the square foot method. Our prices can fall within the range of $150.00/sq ft to $200.00/sq ft. The range in which your project would fall depends upon design complexity and glass selection. We will construct your window in one of 2 methods. Lead cane or copper foil. The design and subject matter will determine the construction method. The location of your window is also a factor. If a window is to be set in an existing opening and will be exposed to the weather it must be lead cane construction to stand up to the elements.

stained glass of flowers

Things you will need to order a custom window:

  1. Size and shape. If you are located in the Baltimore, MD or D.C. area we will come to measure existing openings if needed. We are not responsible for exact fit if we do not measure. If your custom piece is to be hung then exact size is not as critical.
  2. Design. We can design a pattern from anything. A sketch, photo or an existing pattern that you love. If you don’t know where to start decide on the style that best fits your decor. Victorian, Floral, Abstract or maybe prairie
  3. Design fee. We do require a design fee of $25.00. This fee is nonrefundable if you decide not to go ahead with the project but is subtracted from the cost of the window if you do.


  1. Restoration services available

    before view of old transom
    after view of old transom

    This transom had seen better days and needed a complete rebuild. After it was taken apart and the old lead discarded the glass was cleaned, any broken pieces were replaced and the glass releaded. And it still fit nicely back into the old frame!

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