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7 things to consider before you buy something

We all stand at cross roads multiple times in our lives. We all have our moments of truth where we fight inside whether to hold the hand of the angel or the demon. Often times, the answer is right in front of us but we ponder over our thoughts and hover over various options instead of picking what is logically right for us at that moment. The fight for what we ‘Need’ vs what we ‘Want’ is one which we all struggle with. Every single person has their own way of dealing with such situations where you aren’t sure of what is the right thing to do. More often than not, this doubt inside us arises when we are about to spend our hard earned money. We get that paycheck and while walking next to ‘that’ shop, we stop and think if this paycheck is the one with which we buy all that we intend to but get confused the very next moment. These 7 questions should be what one needs to set as the benchmark to beat in order to buy something:

Will this item be used?
This thought deserves much contemplation when it comes to clothes and toys. Rationally speaking, all toys and clothes are alike in some way so will you really have use for a new one.

Will it have a purpose?
It’s not always smart to stock up on things you don’t really need right now. You’re not about to hibernate so keep some for later, gator!

Does this need to be bought right now?
Saving not just the money but also the urge to buy something will always be a good choice. When you really want to buy something, you should wait till the next day or the next week and think over it. In the rare cases where you’d still want to buy it, you won’t regret doing so.

Will it last long?
It is essential to consider the life of anything you buy. Every buck should a money well spent as it hard earned for sure.


Is this being bought under peer pressure?
We all must be aware of the company we keep and also not be gullible enough to blindly follow whatever trend they’re following. There should always be your own rationale guiding you around what your friends suggest.

Will it cause chaos after some time?
You might find yourself stumbling or stepping over things which only bring regret and not joy at that moment. Will this new substance collect dust or have use?

Do better options exist?
Wise people believe that Patience is the key to most things in life. However,the wrong key would be buying something in haste. If you wait before buying something, you might find that you get better deals for it elsewhere. You might not even have to buy it and get to just borrow it, use it and return it later.

5 craft ideas that are easy to make and sell

Crafts might be a pain in the head for some when it is given as a school assignment. But once you grow up and get in sync with everything you can make with simple household items and often turn junk into jadestone, you’ll definitely start respecting the “craft”. Simple arts and crafts are always fun even if it’s to score and store up a little cash to spend later, used as an anti-monotony agent or later taken up as a serious career. Today, one can find over the internet this new wave of “How to do” and “How to make” articles to produce and perfect numerous artifacts which are not just pretty but most of the time very useful and functional. Here are 5 craft ideas that are not just easy to make but also sell real fast:

No sew phone charging pouch:
We often are clueless as to where to keep our phones while they are charging. Most of us have tried balancing them on top of chargers but seldom are lucky enough and free to accomplish that feat. A simple hack would be to make a pouch using jean or trouser pockets or any other garment and sew them with a hanging loop to place our phone inside.

Vintage teacup candles:
Today’s we seek to gift our lady friends something which is not always expensive but shows our affection as we took the time to make something cute and adorable. These Vintage teacup candles are just the thing we need because they are easy to make and put your grandma’s old teacups to some use.

Marble mugs using nail polish:
All you need to make these classy items good enough to gift anybody are Mugs (duh!), Nail polish (duh!), sponge brush and toothpicks. These might take a little time to get the technique down but once you’re up to speed, these make you look like a professional gift maker. The initial pockets for the design form on its own once you pour nail polish over warm water and once you dip a slightly tilted cup and rotate or stir it in circular motion; you will see the magic unfold.

Lace doily bowls:
A doily bowl is something all of us have at thee, dining table or some other table at home. They might be the most used and neglected home use article after all! At the face value, there’s nothing aces about it. It’s just a simple bowl made out of plastic but it has scope of being an attractive bowl for sure once you use some fabric hardener, dye, table salt and plastic wrap.

DIY textured flower pots with different colors:
These textured flower pots give your planters a lot of edge and character and make your garden stand out. They are really intriguing to look at and easy to make. Coarse decorative sand looks outstanding when applied to these terracotta pots.

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